Associate Professor Hongwei Guan (HPPE) Featured as a Guest Speaker at the University of British Columbia

Associate Professor Hongwei Guan (Health Promotion and Physical Education) was a guest speaker at the University of British Columbia's School of Kinesiology on Thursday October 18, 2012.

Professor Guan's presentation was titled “Effects of Tai Chi Practice on Postural Control/Balance”.

The presentation discussed the effect of Tai Chi practice on postural control and H-reflex. Postural control at different conditions were contrasted between Tai Chi practitioners and non-Tai Chi practitioners. Paired reflex depression (PRD)was used to explore the neuro-mechanism of effect of Tai Chi practice on postural control. Positive effects of Tai Chi exercise on balance control under different conditions were also discussed. A possible neuro-mechanism was presented as interpretation of neuro-adaptation as a result of Tai Chi practice.