Al and Jo-Linda Greene: ‘We Owe This to Ithaca’

Although they live in Southern California, Albert ’71 and Jo-Linda (Anderson) ’71 Greene feel very close to Ithaca College. One indication of their devotion is the generous $100,000 gift they are making to the new athletics and events center. Another is immediately obvious anytime they talk about the College.

“Ithaca really shaped our lives,” says Al. “The academics provided the foundation for our careers, and the overall experience prepared us for a wonderful life. But most important of all, Ithaca College brought us together.”

Indeed, the Greenes’ lives were profoundly affected by their time on South Hill. They met in their senior year. Jo was a physical education major, and Al was a psychology student. After graduating, Jo went to the State University of New York at Brockport to study adapted physical education, and Al headed off to the University of Michigan for a master’s degree in hospital administration. Landing at larger schools put their Ithaca experiences in perspective. “The university setting was cool and impersonal,” Al says, “nothing like what we knew at Ithaca.”

The Greenes often come back to campus for Alumni Weekends. They are pleased by the College’s growth but note that one thing hasn’t changed. “This has always been an intimate place,” Jo says, “and still is today.”

The Greenes’ gift for the new athletics and events center is very personal.  Jo played on the varsity tennis and volleyball teams, and Al was a rower with men’s crew.

The Greenes downplay the magnitude of their generous contribution. “The gift is advantageous to us, too,” said Al. “We are giving appreciated stock, which means we get credit for the full value without having to pay capital gains taxes. We also realize additional savings on our California state taxes. The contributions are spread over five years, and, of course, it’s a gift from two IC grads. Thanks to the way it’s arranged, it’s not that much of a sacrifice. And the truth is, we feel we owe this to Ithaca.”

Originally published in Campaign for Ithaca College: Al and Jo-Linda Greene: ‘We Owe This to Ithaca’.

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