Tired of the Cards? Farrell has answers

St. Louis has long been recognized as one of America's best baseball cities and the Cardinals one of its best-run franchises. But after winning their fourth National League pennant in 10 years, the Cardinals are not necessarily the plucky darlings from the Midwest anymore. In some fans' eyes, they're the enemy. 

Annemarie Farrell, Associate Professor and Chair of the Ithaca College Department of Sport Management and Media, recently discussed this fan fatigue in an Associated Press article published in various publications last week including and the Idaho State Journal. Farrell says the backlash has a lot to do with the team's success and how it affects fan identity.

"I think to a certain extent that part of the life story of being a sports fan is the struggle, the sense of grinding it out with your team. When your team is in the playoffs 10 of the last 14 years, that can come in conflict with people's ideas of what a real fan is," Farrell said in the article. 

In addition to quotes from Farrell, the article cites fan reaction online as well as negative articles written by websites like Deadspin and Buzzfeed. The article quoted some fans comparing the Cardinals to high-payroll team like the Yankees.

Farrell closed the articles saying this reaction isn't necessarily a bad thing for St. Louis. 

"The Cardinals are such an iconic baseball brand, and they're also a team that's hard to hate," Farrell said. "If you're going to find a reason to root against them, maybe it's because they're always good."


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