Academic Advising


As an HSHP student, you are ultimately responsible for your own academic progress. Your Ithaca College undergraduate catalog year describes your requirements for graduation. These are also tracked by a Departmental Major Worksheet and HOMER (CAPP) Degree Audit Report. Every student accepted into the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance is assigned an academic advisor. Advisors can answer your questions concerning career options, internships and scheduling. They can assist you in learning how to make academic decisions, how to discover the range of options available and how to think through the consequences of choices. In addition to individual advisors, assistance is available from each department office and the HSHP Dean’s Office.

Get Acquainted! Stay Connected!

Arrange an individual appointment at the beginning of each semester.

  • Contact your advisor during their posted office hours to schedule follow-up meetings.
  • When posted office hours are not convenient, emailing or telephoning your advisor is usually a good alternative.
  • Arrive at all your appointments on time. If you cannot attend, cancel in advance and reschedule the appointment.
  • Introduce yourself to your Department Administrative Assistant. They can help with your CAPP Report (Degree Audit) and other questions concerning Ithaca College, forms and procedures.

Keep Communication Lines Open

  • Discuss important decisions or questions about your education as they occur. If referrals are made by advisors, students should follow through on the contacts and let the advisor know the results. Non-academic concerns will be facilitated through other campus offices.
  • Assistance is available for academic information for you and your advisor on IC majors, minors, study abroad, graduation requirements, distribution requirements, and other academic policies and procedures, important deadlines, and other non-academic information.

Make an Appointment to Discuss Mid-Term Grades (mid-October; mid-March):

  • Use this opportunity to meet with your advisor to discuss your academic progress and to ask questions or share concerns about your academic experiences and professional goals.
  • Talk about your plans for Summer or Winter courses at Ithaca College or other institutions.

Plan Ahead for Advance Registration for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall:

  • Discuss important issues or questions about your education (e.g., choice of major, change of major, change of school) well before advance registration.
  • Be prepared at your appointment(s) with any questions, a list of courses/alternates and the CRN numbers.
  • Be aware that faculty advisors may be working with a number of students for whom different catalogue year requirements apply. Therefore, know your catalogue year/degree program!

Remember: Advisors provide guidance, YOU make the decisions.

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