Independent Study Opportunities

Students in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance have the opportunity to complete and Independent Study with a faculty member. For each project undertaken, students must work with a faculty sponsor to prepare the required design statement and application form (available below). All projects must be approved in advance of the semester undertaken. For more information about independent study, talk with your advisor or department chair.

Independent Study / Research / Reading form for Undergraduate Students

Independent Study / Research / Reading from for Graduate Students

Undergraduate Student Projects
  • College Sport: Examination of the relationship between participation in revenue producing sport and achieving academic goals (2008)
  • Mike Tyson: Examination of the influence of race, criminality, masculinity, and class on the creation of public persona via the mass media (2008)
  • The Governance Consequences of Marquee Sport (2008)
  • The Effects of Sequencial Administration of the Wingate Anaerobic Power Test and a Maximal Oxygen Uptake Cycling Test in Trained Cyclists (2008)
  • Labor Relations in Major League Baseballl and UK Football (Soccer) (2008)
  • The WISE/Ithaca College Status of Women in the Sport Industry (2007)
  • Reliability of VO2max Verified by Heart Rate, Blood Lactate, and Perceived Exertion in College-Aged Subjects (2007)
Graduate Student Projects
  • An Exploration of Second Language Acquisition: A Tex-Mex Experience (2008)
  • An Analysis of College Football Players and Coaches Reactions to the AFC Code of Ethics (2008)
  • Kinematic Analysis of Throw Salchows and Throw Triple Loops in Pair Skating (2007)
  • Preventing and Treating Eating Disorders in Athletes (2007)
  • Developing a Mental Training Program for Collegiate Athletes (2007)
  • Physiological Effects of Altitude Training (2007)