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Questions about COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

What should I do if I get sick?
If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please contact your primary care physician. If you do not have a primary care doctor, please contact the Tompkins County Health Department at 607-274-6604 or the health department for the county you live in.

If you are experiencing symptoms not related to COVID-19 and are covered under an Ithaca College medical plan, please consider using Teladoc, the College’s telemedicine alternative. This service allows you to meet with a board-certified physician right from your home. Please visit www.teladoc.com for more information and to set up an account. Now through June 4, Teladoc visits related to the testing or treatment of COVID-19 will be covered with no member cost share in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
(new 04/06/20) 

Is there is difference between being in Quarantine and being in Isolation? 
While both isolation and quarantine refer to methods of preventing the spread of illness, they do not mean the same thing. Isolation refers to separating people who are sick from those who are not sick. Quarantine refers to separating people who are, or may have been, exposed to a pathogen, but are not showing signs of illness. Quarantine is used to minimize the spread of an illness during the incubation period, the time it takes for symptoms to emerge. 
(updated 03/16/20)

Do I have to take leave and am I paid if I am required to quarantine or isolate?
Employees who are quarantined by the Tompkins County Health Department (or, for employees outside of Tompkins County or NY state, the appropriate local health department), another authorized agency, or their primary care physician, may choose to work remotely if their job responsibilities may be performed remotely. If the employee is asymptomatic, they will be expected to work remotely if their duties make remote work possible. If their job responsibilities do not allow for them to work remotely, they will be placed on paid COVID leave for 14 calendar days.

Employees who are placed in isolation by an authorized agency will be placed on paid COVID leave for 14 calendar days. If the employee is symptomatic and able to continue working remotely, they may choose to do so. If the employee is asymptomatic, they will be expected to work remotely if their duties make remote work possible.

Employees placed on paid COVID leave will not be required to use medical accruals. If the period of quarantine or isolation continues beyond 14 calendar days, the employee should consult with the Office of Human Resources to move to short-term disability leave, New York Paid Family Leave, or another type of leave as appropriate.

In addition, if an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or is ordered to quarantine or isolate, they must follow College protocol to alert their supervisor as soon as possible if they are unable to work. Employees are not required to tell their supervisor any medical diagnosis.

I am in isolation. Can I work?
If you are in isolation because you are not well and showing symptoms, it is important that you focus on your own well-being and not work during the period of isolation. 
(updated 03/16/20) 

If a family member I live with, or care for, is quarantined, should I continue working? 
Please exercise caution and remain at home. You should talk with your supervisor as soon as possible about whether you will be able to fulfill your job responsibilities remotely. 
(updated 04/07/20)

I don't feel well, but I think I can still work. What should I do? 
Employees who are not feeling well should stay home. If you are sick or aren’t feeling well, the most important thing is for you to take care of yourself so that you feel better and stay away from others so that your illness doesn’t spread. 

To avoid exposure and to not overwhelm health systems, employees utilizing an IC medical plan are encouraged to contact a physician via Teladoc
(updated 04/07/20)

If I get sick, how will my health bills be handled?
COVID-19 expenses would be submitted under traditional health care coverage, including prescriptions and other treatment. Allhealth care planprovisions, including medical necessity, in-network vs. out-of-network coverage, deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket expenses will apply as with the submission of any claim. 
(updated 03/16/20)

Questions about Remote Work and Flexibility

What options are available for individuals concerned about working on campus?
All employees are expected to be available to perform the essential functions of their roles; however, no staff member should be compelled to return to campus to do work that can be accomplished remotely. If work cannot be accomplished remotely, supervisors should contact the Office of Human Resources. 
(updated 08/17/20)

What accommodations are available for employees with medical conditions that prevent them from returning to work on-campus? 
Staff who are asked to return to work on-campus who have an underlying medical condition, or those who are pregnant, may submit an Accommodation Request to the Office of Human Resources. 
(updated 08/17/20)

What options are available for employee caring for family members? 
Employees who regularly care for a family member who is at higher risk for severe complications from COVID-19 may be able to work remotely or may be eligible for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Further, staff members may be covered by NYS Paid Family Leave. More information on various leave programs is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources to determine the appropriate leave for an employee's situation and needs.
(updated 08/17/20)

My child’s school is returning only for remote learning, are there flexible work options available?
Please discuss the possibility of flexible work with your supervisor.
(updated 08/17/20)

Questions about Benefits, Paid Time Away, and Leaves

Do employees and their family members who are covered under one of the college’s health plans have the option of telemedicine?
Yes. Teladoc is the college’s provider for telemedicine. Effective immediately and through June 4, any telehealth visits related to the testing/treatment of COVID-19 will be covered with no member cost share as a special provision of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teladoc is a benefit that you currently have access to and is not limited to coronavirus/COVID-19 related cases. Teladoc can be used for any routine medical need such as cold, flu, allergy, rash, sinus infection and much more and you never have to pay more than $40 per visit.

Members can get care through Teladoc in two convenient ways:

  • Online: Visit Teladoc.com to download the Teladoc smartphone app. Use the app to create an account, fill out a short medical history questionnaire and schedule an online doctor visit. Teladoc will provide an estimate of when a doctor will contact you. This is the fastest way to get in touch with a doctor.
  • By phone: Call 855-835-2362 to request a call from a doctor. Teladoc will provide an estimate of when a doctor will contact you.

Please note: As the coronavirus outbreak evolves, the need for telehealth care has never been greater. As a result, members may experience extended wait times. Doctors are working to provide the highest-quality care and will connect as quickly as they can. The fastest way to connect with a doctor is to use the app or web page.
(new 04/06/20) 

What counseling and support resources are available at IC?
We understand some employees may feel anxious about the evolving public health situation and all that goes along with that. Faculty and staff may contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) online or via phone at 800-327-2255. For first time users of the EAP’s website, simply register at www.nexgeneap.com using company code 1489.

Please also visit cdc.gov for helpful tips to manage stress and anxiety.
(new 04/06/20) 

My spouse was recently laid off from work and is no longer eligible for health insurance. Can I add them to my insurance plan?
If your spouse loses their employer-sponsored health insurance due to a layoff or loss of employment, this is considered a life-status event and you are eligible to enroll them in your Ithaca College health insurance plan.

If you need to make a change to your benefits election due to a life-status event, you must do so within 30 days of the event.  In addition you will need to provide documentation stating the reason for the loss of insurance and the last day of coverage.

Once you have the required documentation, please contact the Office of Human Resources at benefits@ithaca.edu.
(new 04/06/20)

Additional FAQs and Information

Please Note:
The Title IX Office is open virtually and operating fully.  Linda Koenig, Title IX Coordinator can be reached at 607-274-7761 or by email at lkoenig@ithaca.edu.  If you receive a report of  sexual misconduct during this  remote learning and work, please continue to make your Responsible Employee Report to Linda Koenig by emailing or calling.
(new 04/06/20) 

Public Health Updates and FAQs
Additional FAQs can be found on the Return to Campus website.
(new 08/17/20)