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Questions about COVID-19 Testing and Treatment
Questions about Remote Work and Flexibility
Questions about Benefits, Paid Time Away, and Leaves

Additional FAQs and Information

Questions about COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

The IC COVID testing registration page requires students and employees to disclose their gender. The options provided are not accurate or respectful. It’s unclear why this information is required. It is a barrier to the necessary testing to keep us safe. It also displays to all who try to use it that IC is not reflecting respectful and accurate terms, especially for marginalized individuals.
Cayuga Health System (CHS) manages the registration system; we are working with them on this issue. Ellyn Sellers-Selin and Luca Maurer are currently working with CHS to identify respectful, representative options - and also exploring the question of whether this question even needs to be asked. We are aware that this is a concern for our population and are working to address as soon as possible.  
(new 12/22/20)

What should I do if my direct reports needs to quarantine or isolate?
Immediately notify Diane Rogers in the Office of Human Resources at humanresources@ithaca.edu. The supervisor must treat all employee medical information (including COVID-19 test results) as confidential information and share it only with the Office of Human Resources.
(updated 01/08/21)

How are employees paid if they are required to quarantine or isolate?
Employees with a positive test or that are under public health orders to isolate or quarantine may not physically report to work on the Ithaca College campus or affiliated locations. Employees that are asymptomatic and/or feeling well enough to work AND:

  • are working remotely, will be expected to continue to work remotely. These employees should record work time as usual.
  • are not working remotely, but that hold a position that may be done remotely, may work with their supervisor to determine an appropriate remote work plan. These employees should record work time as usual.
  • are not working remotely and hold a position that cannot be accomplished remotely, must notify their supervisor that they are unable to report to work. These employees will be placed on paid COVID-19 leave in alignment with the public health order for a maximum of 10 calendar days.

Employees that are symptomatic and not well enough to work will be placed on paid COVID-19 leave in alignment with the public health order for a maximum of 14 calendar days. Employees placed on paid COVID leave will not be required to use medical accruals. If the period of public health-ordered isolation or quarantine continues beyond the 14 calendar days, the employee should consult with the Office of Human Resources to move to short-term disability leave, New York Paid Family Leave, or another type of leave as appropriate.
(updated 01/08/21)

Can an employee is isolation still work? 
Supervisors must understand that employees who receive a positive COVID-19 test result or who are subject to isolation or quarantine may be concerned not only about their own health, but also about the wellbeing of family and friends. Supervisors should not place additional pressure on employees to work from home while in isolation or quarantine.
(new 12/07/20) 

Questions about Remote Work and Flexibility

What options are available for individuals concerned about working on campus?
All employees are expected to be available to perform the essential functions of their roles; however, no staff member should be compelled to return to campus to do work that can be accomplished remotely. If work cannot be accomplished remotely, supervisors should contact the Office of Human Resources. 
(updated 08/17/20)

What accommodations are available for employees with medical conditions that prevent them from returning to work on-campus? 
Staff who are asked to return to work on-campus who have an underlying medical condition, or those who are pregnant, may submit an Accommodation Request to the Office of Human Resources. 
(updated 08/17/20)

What options are available for employee caring for family members? 
Employees who regularly care for a family member who is at higher risk for severe complications from COVID-19 may be able to work remotely or may be eligible for time off under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Further, staff members may be covered by NYS Paid Family Leave. More information on various leave programs is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources to determine the appropriate leave for an employee's situation and needs.
(updated 08/17/20)

Are there flexible work options available for employees whose children are moved to remote learning?
Supervisors should be flexible if a school moves to remote learning. If remote work is not an option for the employees, please consider other options that may help during this time. Supervisors can also contact the Office of Human Resources to discuss possible options.  
(new 12/07/20)

Questions about Benefits, Paid Time Away, and Leaves

What counseling and support resources are available at IC?
We understand some employees may feel anxious about the evolving public health situation and all that goes along with that. Faculty and staff may contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) online or via phone at 800-327-2255. For first time users of the EAP’s website, simply register at www.nexgeneap.com using company code 1489.

Please also visit cdc.gov for helpful tips to manage stress and anxiety.
(new 04/06/20) 

Additional FAQs and Information

Please Note:
The Title IX Office is open virtually and operating fully.  Linda Koenig, Title IX Coordinator can be reached at 607-274-7761 or by email at lkoenig@ithaca.edu.  If you receive a report of  sexual misconduct during this  remote learning and work, please continue to make your Responsible Employee Report to Linda Koenig by emailing or calling.
(new 04/06/20) 

Public Health Updates and FAQs
Additional FAQs can be found on the Return to Campus website, specifically under the Health, Safety and Prevention section. 
(updated 11/23/20)