Ithaca College Statement on Diversity

Ithaca College values diversity because it enriches our community and the myriad experiences that characterize an Ithaca College education. We are dedicated to addressing current and past injustices and promoting excellence and equity.  Ithaca College continually strives to build an inclusive and welcoming community of individuals with diverse talents and skills from a multitude of backgrounds who are committed to civility, mutual respect, social justice, and the free and open exchange of ideas.  We commit ourselves to change, growth, and action that embrace diversity as an integral part of the educational experience and of the community we create.

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ICHR's Diversity & Inclusion Calendar

The Office of Human Resources at Ithaca College aspires to lead positive efforts for Diversity, Inclusion, and Engagement as a member of a diverse community. We recognize that Diversity encompasses multiple dimensions that relate to the various backgrounds, perspectives, and values of our community members. We know that valuing diversity enriches our community and positively impacts the life experiences of all members of the IC community.

As such, we consistently strive to enhance a welcoming, inclusive, and respectful community.  To heighten awareness around the richness of diversity, we have developed a calendar to remind us of some cultural holidays, religious observances, and celebrations from around the world. Bringing awareness for all employees to these holidays and observances reinforces that Ithaca College is committed to creating inclusive, engaging, and rewarding experiences that promote an environment and culture of excellence.