Performance Review Process

To provide employees and supervisors an opportunity to discuss the employee's job performance, set expectations for professional development and establish objectives for contributing to the department's mission

Purpose of Performance Reviews

The annual Performance Review process is a key component of employee development and engagement. Annual performance reviews are required and are designed to provide a fair assessment of an employee's job performance (outcomes and behavior). Supervisors are encouraged to provide continuous feedback on employee performance through occasional meetings during the year and to update any specific objectives and the employee’s professional development objectives as necessary.

During the annual performance review, the supervisor and employee should discuss the employee's performance over the course of the previous fiscal year, job duties, performance expectations, any specific objectives to be achieved and professional development opportunities for the employee.

The annual performance review will provide employees and supervisors with the opportunity to discuss job performance, establish objectives for contributing to the department’s mission, and discuss expectations and accomplishments.

2018-2019 Performance Reviews

The 2018-2019 Performance Review process has concluded. Completed performance reviews are accessible in IC HR Cloud.