Getting Started

Ithaca College uses an records management systems which allows you to easily complete most of your required tasks online. This information was sent to the email you applied to the position with. These additional resources below, as well as the checklist that was emailed to you, serve as a guide to help you get off to a great start at Ithaca College! 

Account Set Up Resources

Within the records management systems, you can set up your core account, such as your NetPass and email. Information Technology's Getting Started webpage can help you with setting up additional accounts, including your Parnassus account. 

Policy Review

The Ithaca College Policy Manual should be reviewed to help you understand the responsibilities and rights you have as an employee of Ithaca College.  

All new employees must complete the Workplace Harassment Prevention Training within 30 days of their employment. Information to complete the training will be emailed to your Ithaca College email within your first week. 

Emergency Notification System

The Emergency Notification System sends urgent messages (via phone, cell phone, email, or text) that identify a threat to safety or a change in the college’s operating status. Ithaca College faculty, staff, and students can register their contact information here. All ithaca.edu email addresses are automatically registered, but we strongly encourage campus community members to update their contact information with at least one additional method of immediate contact.

Benefit Enrollment

Please remember that you have 30 days, from your date of hire, to enroll in the College Benefit Programs. Please review the benefit options carefully before making your elections.