IC HR Cloud

The Office of Human Resources is pleased to announce the launch of both the Performance Review Process and Annual Review Process in IC HR Cloud! This is an exciting opportunity to align our standard practices with advanced technology!


The self-evaluation is now required for all employees to complete.

Calculated Star Rating & Rating Scale

Employees and supervisors will choose a star rating for each competencies. The performance rating scale is as follows:

1 star – Does not demonstrate the essential behaviors

2 stars – Is learning or inconsistently demonstrates the essential behaviors

3 stars – Consistently demonstrates all essential behaviors

4 stars – Periodically demonstrates higher level behaviors

5 stars – Consistently demonstrates higher level behaviors


Comments are not required within the self-evaluation or performance review for competencies or overall summary. However, comments are required within the feedback area sections.

Although comments are also not required by the supervisor for the performance review, they are highly recommended

Supervisor Feedback

As in years past, employees will have the opportunity to provide feedback on their supervisor. This will be conducted through the IC HR Cloud application. It is not required for an employee to provide feedback, but recommended.

Next Level Supervisor Approval

To streamline the process, performance reviews do not have to be approved by the next level supervisor. Next level supervisors will be able to view completed performance documents for those within their hierarchy. 

Review Meetings

At the end of the performance review process, supervisors will now be required to record the date that the performance review meeting was conducted. Because the employee cannot acknowledge the final performance review until this occurs, the meeting to discuss performance is required.