Job Classifications

The student employment job classification and compensation system is designed to establish consistent hiring and pay practices for all student employees throughout the college. 

Student salaries must be at a wage no less than the minimum required by the law and may not exceed the maximum of the salary range established for the position.

The level and salary of a position will be determined by the job responsibilities, knowledge, skills and level of supervision needed.

Individuals supervising student work are expected to be the hiring Supervisor. All Faculty and Staff at Ithaca can have access to this responsibility. Federal Regulations require those overseeing actual job duties, performance, etc., are those expected to be approving hours worked for payroll.

When creating new assignments for newly hired students in Student Manager Self Service (SMSS), supervisors will need to use the appropriate level and series that correlates with the job duties that will be assigned to the student they are hiring. For your reference, below is a breakdown of the various level and structures that Ithaca College currently uses as well as the current 2020 approved student pay structure.

Hiring Students using IC Student Manager Self-Service (SMSS)

  • When you are ready to hire a student, make sure you have his or her student ID number to add it into SMSS. Here is a step-by-step guide to Adding an Assignment in Paranssus.
  • A full document on how to edit a student employee's assignment can be found here.
  • *If you receive an error message while completing this process here are what certain error messages mean:
    • "No Social Security Number(SSN) found for student ID:_________. The student must have an SSN in Homer before they can be hired. Please have the student take their social security card to the Office of the Registrar."
      • If you receive the above error, the student must take their social security card to
        the Registrar before they begin working. Since Parnassus is a payroll system,
        student cannot be input without a social security number for tax purposes. This
        only occurs for some students because it depends on the financial aid
        information that they have filled out through Ithaca College.
    • "Can not continue. No active or future dated Student Employee found. Although the student ID and SSN exist in Parnassus, there is no current or future Student Employee type set for this student. The Student Employment office has been notified and will contact you on how to proceed."
      • When a student already exists in Parnassus as anything other than a “student
        employee” (ex: “ex-student employee”, “contact” of a current IC member (such
        as a beneficiary, spouse, child, etc…) then the student employment office needs
        to manually change their status from whatever they were listed as to a “student
        employee”. Because they have to change the student over manually in the
        system that does mean that the student will need to attend an NSEP before you
        will be able to try to add them again into the system. As the screen shot
        indicates, the student employment office is automatically notified via an email
        notification as soon as you receive this message so there is no need to email
        student employment when this message appears. They will contact you only
        after all the steps have been completed and then you will be able to proceed to
        add the assignment into SMSS again.
      • This is just an FYI to make sure the supervisor knows the student needs an NSEP before they can begin working. This doesn't prohibit you from continuing to add an assignment, just click "Add NEW Assignment" below this message to continue the process of adding an assignment for a student.

Approving Time Cards in SMSS

  • Once a student is hired in Parnassus, they will be submitting timecards to you every other week. Here is a step-by-step guide to Approving a timecard in Parnassus.
  • Payroll deadlines as well as pay dates can be found here.
  • You will receive an e-mail notification that the student’s time card is ready for approval. Please DO NOT approve time cards through e-mail as this has caused problems in the past.
  • Log in to Parnassus and approve them through the workflow.
  • Please make sure you check the dates in the time cards as sometimes students select the wrong time period.
  • If you do not agree with the hours on the time card, you may reject it back to the student to correct. If you do reject it, please make sure that you put a note to the student as to why you are rejecting it.

**It is the supervisor's responsibility to view and approve/reject any and all timecards received. Even if a student did not work any hours for you in a specific time period, you will still need to view and approve/reject your student's timecard to make sure they have not logged hours for time they did not work. Students will not be paid until all active supervisors have approved their timecard. If you no longer have a particular student but you are still receiving timecards, you need to go into SMSS and end their assignment in order to be removed as a timecard approver. For an additional 21 days after the assignment has ended you will continue to receive timecards.

Setting Vacation Rules in SMSS

If you are responsible for approving time cards and you will be away on vacation or other leave, you must set a vacation rule so that someone else can approve time cards. This is an important process as it allows the accurate maintenance of student hours worked and allows your student employees to get paid on time. You may set all notifications to be received by a single user or set different rules to route separate types of workflows to different approvers. Here is a step-by-step guide on setting vacation rules.