Time and Absences App – Frequently Asked Questions:
1. When is my Time Card due? 
 On Monday  following the end of the reporting pay period 
8:30 a.m. – Employees should submit their timecards to supervisors for approval 9:00 a.m. – Email is sent to employees who have not yet submitted their time card 12:00 p.m. – Email is sent to supervisors identifying employees who have not submitted their Time Cards and/or employee Time Cards that the supervisor has not yet approved 5:00 p.m. – Email is sent to supervisors’ supervisor identifying employees Time Cards not submitted or approved 
 On Tuesday  following the end of the reporting pay period 
8:30 a.m. – Time cards in the “Submitted” stage are auto approved by payroll 
2. What’s a time type?  Please explain the time types. 
Time types are determined by an employee’s position.  Although there are numerous time types, employees will see the time types that are appropriate for their position. 
Regular – Day Regular – Evening Regular – Night On Call Shift Pay Inconvenience Pay Inconvenience Pay 1 ½  Banked Time Taken Holiday (Worked) Holiday (not worked) 
Absence Time Types  Bereavement  FMLA Intermittent Jury Duty Leave of absence without Pay  Medical Time Away  Personal Time Away Unpaid Leave Vacation Time Away Voting Leave (3 hours maximum)     

 3. How do I record Overtime? 
There are no time types for Overtime.  Employees are asked to record hours worked.  If the total hours worked for a week is more than 40 hours, the system will automatically calculate overtime based on Ithaca College policies 
4. What happens if my supervisor is away from the office?  Who approves my time card? 
The approval process follows the position hierarchy.  In this case, your supervisor’s supervisor will approve your time card. 
5. Do I have to have an absence approved in advance of using it? 
IC HR Cloud allows employees to submit absences either in advance of using it or when submitting the current time card.  Employees are encouraged to keep their supervisors informed of planned time away so supervisors can manage team schedules. 
6. When I go to Existing Timecards, it won’t let me select the proper date range? 
 When you go to Existing Timecards, make sure the proper pay period is listed in the Date section before entering hours.  If it is not the correct pay period, click on the calendar and select the start date of the pay period in which you need to log hours.  Once the correct pay period is confirmed, then start logging hours in the Entries section. You can do this by clicking the “Add” button to add the day and hours worked.  

7. I submitted my timecard and it was approved, but now it says it is just saved?  

This occurs when an employee opens a timecard that has already been approved and presses “save and close”.  This reverts the timecard back to a saved status. This means that the timecard will have to be resubmitted and reapproved in order to be included in the payroll processing and payment. 
If you only need to review any timecard that was already approved, and do not have any changes made to the timecard, you may click “Cancel” to return to the Existing Time Cards page. 
8. When I click on Current Time Card app, the wrong 2-week time period is listed?  How do I change this? 
When you go to Current Time Card page, the 2-week time period shown is the current pay period that you are on as of that day.  If you need to enter hours for the pay period prior or after the pay period indicated, please click “Cancel” to return to the Time and Absences page and click on Existing Time Cards icon.  On this page, click “Add” to select the first day of 
the 2 week timecard period desired, then “Add” again in the Entries section to enter day and hours worked. 
9. How do I edit my timecard if it is already approved? 
To edit approved timecard, you need to click Existing Time Cards icon.  Click on the timecard link for the pay period that you wish to correct. Then click on the pencil to edit the worked hours reported or click on Add to add hours for the missing day.  Once complete, click on the Submit button to re-submit your revised timecard for your manager’s approval.    
For Students - If you have multiple assignments, you have reported for one assignment and found out that you did not report for the other assignments.  Follow the same process mentioned in the previous paragraph to add hours for the missing day(s), and make sure that you have selected the correct Job and Department in the Job-Department field.  Once complete, click on the Submit button to re-submit your revised timecard for your manager’s approval.    
10. How do I edit my timecard if it is already approved and I already was paid? 
Follow the same process as answer to Question #9 above.  Once your revised timecard is resubmitted and re- approved, the missing/unpaid hours will be calculated retroactively and will be processed in the following pay period.   
11. Can I future date a time card? 
Yes, click on Existing Time Cards, click the +Add button, choose the first day of the 2 week time card period, and then begin adding hours. 
12. I am a student receiving emails to submit my timecard, even though I am no longer working at IC. 
This is most likely because your former supervisor has not ended your prior assignment in Parnassus. 
13. Is it possible to set up a favorite time card? 
Yes, follow the steps outlined below: 1. Click Time and Absences App 2. Click the tile: Existing Time Cards 3. Click on the +Add icon 4. Click on Action button.  Select Copy Other Time Card Click on the Star next to the time card you’d like to copy 5. Name the Time Card: Example: My Regular Work Week 
To use a favorite time card 1. Click Time and Absences App 2. Click the tile: Existing Time Cards 3. Click on the +Add icon 4. Select the date 5. Click Actions- Select Copy Other Time Card 6. Which time card do you want to copy?  Select from the dropdown box  Example: My Regular Work Week 7. Click ok 8. Click Submit 
14. Why do I receive more than one email regarding timecard to be approved? 
The email notification is sent out to the supervisor of each student assignment.  If student has multiple assignments that are reported to the same supervisor, then that supervisor will receive more than one email.  In this case, the supervisor will need to approve multiple times.  If approved in one email, but rejected in another, this will put the timecard in the “rejected” mode which is not going to be picked up for processing by payroll.  Approving same timecard multiple times will not trigger multiple payments on the same timecard.