Work Plans and Fall Transitions

Our goal is to continue to keep the campus de-densified this summer as we work to increase the levels of vaccination in our employee population and as health policies for schools continues to evolve. However, we anticipate that the majority of employees will be able to return to in-person work in the fall. 

Guiding Principles

As employees and supervisors consider options for flexible work plans in the fall, we ask that you keep in mind the following guiding principles that are consistent with the goals of our strategic plan:

  1. Ithaca College is a student-centered campus and we want to maintain a vibrant presence of faculty and staff who will ensure that our students have an exceptional academic and campus life experience.
  2. As we aspire to be an Employer of Choice, our policies and decisions should also prioritize the recruitment and retention of talented employees and facilitate work/life balance to drive employee engagement.
  3. We want to be creative and utilize technology and best practices to increase productivity and maintain high levels of customer service.
  4. Where possible, decisions that result in space availability that can be repurposed for student activities in alignment with the strategic goals of the College’s Master Plan is encouraged.

Work Plans and Transition Resources

Additional information will be added to this website as we progress through the summer and approach the Fall Semester. We encourage you to check for updates often.