Harmony (Graves) Malone '15

School of HSHP

Ms. Harmony (Graves) Malone, an Ithaca College alum with a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation with specialities in dance and theatre - is a dynamic personality! She currently works for the City of Ithaca at the Greater Ithaca Activities Center (GIAC), and is known as an elite choreographer throughout Tompkins County. In addition to this Ms. Harmony has her own youth performing dance group known as UNITED. She has choreographed pieces for people of all ages throughout Tompkins County since 2007, and has been recognized for her love of community. As Ms. Harmony continues to grow and be challenged as an artist and teacher, she encourages her fellow artists to always remember the power of their voice and it's ability to confront and change systemic issues of race, inclusion and diversity at face-value. Ms Harmony is honored to serve her community, and would like to thank her family for continuously supporting her.