Cornell to Ithaca

Cornell to Ithaca

Cornell students will follow these steps to complete their registration at Ithaca College:

  1. Pick up the IC-CU Exchange Program petition from Cornell's School of Continuing Education.
  2. Complete the petition and secure approval signatures.
  3. Complete the online IC Registration Form for Extramural Study (in the callout box at top right).
  4. Secure any required approval(s) for prerequisite override, capacity override, or for graduate study and forward emails signaling approval to
  5. Submit the approved Cornell petition to the Ithaca College Office of Extended Studies (OES) during the first week of classes. Registration takes place during the first week of classes on a space-available basis.
  6. Once your registration is completed, obtain an I.D. card from the I.D. Office. An ID is required in order to register a vehicle to park on the Ithaca College campus, checking books out of the library, and for admission to athletic events and facilities.
  7. If you plan to have a vehicle on campus you must register your vehicle with Parking Services at Ithaca College. All students must park in lots identified as red lots (these are student lots). The per semester cost is $64 (or $128 per year). You will need an Ithaca College Netpass Username and Password to register your vehicle online. (An Ithaca College e-mail account will be provided to you as part of the registration process.)
Online Registration Form for Cornell Students coming to IC

Are you a Cornell student coming to IC for the ICCU Exchange Program? In addition to Cornell's approved "Exchange Program Petition," Cornell students must submit Ithaca College's online Registration Form for Extramural Study.

Program Policies and Eligibility

Please review Program Policies for eligibility requirements.

How to Find Courses at Ithaca College

1. Go to

2. Click "Class Schedule" on the right, under Public Resources.

3. Search by Term (for example, Fall 2010).

4. Search by Subject Area to locate classes in your desired subject. To search multiple subjects at one time, shift-click on all subject areas desired.

5. How do I know if the class I want is full? Follow the link to the individual class and/or section to review seat availability. Look in particular under "remaining" to see how many seats are still available in the class. If there are seats available on the day your registration form is processed, then you will be allowed to register in the course. If there are no seats available, the course is no longer open for registration. These figures are subject to change throughout the registration period.

Further Information and Maps

Ithaca College
Office of International and Extended Studies
Job Hall 202
Phone: 607-274-3143

Cornell University
School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
B-20 Day Hall
Phone: 607-255-4987

Campus Maps