Ithaca to Cornell

Ithaca College students will follow these steps to complete their registration at Cornell:

  1. Download the IC-CU "IC Exchange Petition" (at right). Complete the petition and secure approval signatures.
  2. Submit the signed petition to the Office of Extended Studies for review of eligibility requirements and final approval. NOTE: Ithaca College students cannot take the Cornell course pass/fail UNLESS Cornell offers it that way.
  3. Your approved petition will be emailed to you as a PDF at the beginning of the semester.
  4. Download and complete the Cornell Registration Form (at right). See information on required Cornell approvals below. (The approvals required for this form can be obtained at the same time as the Ithaca College Petition.)
  5. Secure Cornell faculty, administrative, or department approval. (Call the Cornell academic department overseeing the course to determine the approval to be obtained and how. Some departments require a face-to-face visit so they can stamp your form.)
  6. To complete your registration, take the approved IC petition and completed Cornell Registration Form within the scheduled registration period to Cornell's School of Continuing Education.
  7. Ithaca College undergraduate students whose Cornell enrollment puts them beyond 18 credits (between Ithaca College and Cornell University combined) must complete a form to exceed 18 credits. These students will be charged IC tuition for any credits over 18, on a per credit hour basis.

Cornell Approvals

Cornell has a few different places where approval might be required for course enrollment. These approvals are determined by the college sponsoring the course you'd like to take.

The Office of Extended Studies at Ithaca College is happy to assist you with researching the approval process required for your desired course. Contact Jen Wofford at or call (607) 274-3143.

To find the information on your own:

Start with the Cornell Office of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. This office manages non-Cornell student enrollment, and is the contact office for the IC-CU Exchange Program:

Cornell University
Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
B20 Day Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-2801
Phone: 607.255.4987
Fax: 607.255.9697

Tell the office representative the course you would like to take. Use the entire course when communicating (for example, "NS 3450 - Introduction to Physiochemical and Biological Aspects of Food").

The office representative will be able to tell you what approvals are required based on the department and college offering the course.

Another place to find more information about the course is the department's "Undergraduate Coordinator". You can locate contact information for each department by searching through Cornell's list of Academic Departments. The list of Academic Departments will also provide you with the college that sponsors your selected course. Approval processes at Cornell are determined by the sponsoring college.

Cornell course descriptions -- available when searching the Cornell Course, Location and Room Roster-- will have information on the course prerequisites and the faculty instructor.

If the course has prerequisites that have been completed, be prepared to bring a copy of your unofficial transcript during the Cornell registration period.

The faculty instructor's name and netID are provided. The faculty member may be reachable via email:

If certain majors are given priority for seating in the course, then it may be a popular course. If the course is filled, students may be able to reach out directly to the faculty member for capacity override, depending on the IC student's preparedness for the course and any other compelling factors.