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 Nancy Rader Psychology Nancy Rader
Psychology, Child Cognitive Development, Psychological Effects of Hostile Environments


Specializes in cognitive science and is currently carrying out research on the following topics: 1) gesture in infant language, 2) the effects of plants on well-being and creativity, and 3) the relationship between emotion and cognitive performance. Her research on gesture, supported by NSF, uses cutting-edge technology to measure infant eye movements and to create 3-D models of mothers' speech and gestures when interacting with their infants. Her recent research with children reveals the effect of positive moods on cognitive performance and shows differences between girls and boys in their responses to praise. Dr. Rader will be participating in the Australian BioSub project, a sustainability demonstration underwater; she will be supervising the psychological monitoring. Dr. Rader's courses cover topics in the areas of Cognition, Mind-Body interactions, and Cultural Effects on Brain Development.

Research Focus

  • Cognition and Perception

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Cornell University
Ph.D., Psychology, 1976

Smith College
A.B., magna cum laude, 1970