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 Thomas Swensen Exercise Science and Athletic Training Thomas Swensen
Factors that affect human performance, performance boosting nutrients, muscular strength


A professor and chair in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Swensen can discuss factors that affect human performance, weight training, diet, muscle soreness, recovery and endurance.

Swensen’s current research is on the effect of citrulline on muscle recovery.

He is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine and the mid-Atlantic regional chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine. He serves as a manuscript reviewer for the International Journal of Sports Medicine; Medicine, Science in Sports and Exercise; Journal of European Applied Physiology; and Sports Medicine.

Research Focus

  • Factors that affect human performance
  • Performance boosting nutrients
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Muscular strength, endurance and core strength


“Beets, cherry juice, watermelon juice. Basically people are looking for some sort of magic elixir—if I exercise and do this, I won’t get sore. The bottom line is there’s nothing out there that will not make you not get sore, but there are things that can help.”

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University of Tennessee

Ph.D., Life Science Program: Physiology, 1992

University of Tennessee

M.S., Zoology, 1988

Vanderbilt University

B.A., History, 1983