American Institute for Economic Research Names Ithaca Best College Town in America

ITHACA, NY—For the second consecutive year, Ithaca has been named the best college town in the country by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), which recently released its 2013-14 College Destinations Index.

The annual index compares destinations for college students around the country based on 12 categories, grouped within the themes of academic environment, quality of life and professional opportunity offered to students. The destinations are separated based on population size as major metros, mid-size metros, small metros and college towns.

According to AIER, the “college experience” is about more than attending a top-tier university. Where the school is located, the people students meet, the places they go and the jobs they may hold are all of equal importance.

The home of Ithaca College and Cornell University tops the list of college towns for a number of reasons. AIER ranked Ithaca #1 in the categories of research capacity, percentage of residents with at least a bachelor’s degree, percentage of creative-class workers and percentage of workers traveling by public transportation.

AIER is an independent institute that publishes unbiased research and critical analysis based on the principles of scientific inquiry and positive economics.

A detailed profile about Ithaca’s #1 ranking from the AIER is available here.

Ithaca has been named the best college in the country by the American Institute of Economic Research for the second consecutive year.