Discovery Channel's Daily Planet Features Professor Deborah King's 'Smart' blade

The Daily Planet — the Discovery Channel’s daily science show — featured Deborah King, associate professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at Ithaca College, for her research and development of the “smart” blade — a small, lightweight device designed to measure the force that a figure skater exerts on the ice when performing jumps, spins and footwork.

The segment explores the overuse injuries skaters suffer from as a result of the force from landing and spins, and how the “smart” blade can revolutionize how skaters avoid injury.

Watch Daily Planet’s “smart” blade segment.

“The skaters skate really fast, they skate high, but they make it look graceful and elegant and what’s not obvious unless you’re there at the rink is the pounding on the body and the impact,” said King.

King hopes to send the data from the “smart” blade to coaches, skaters, scientists and boot company designers to improve injury prevention and the longevity of athletes in the sport.

The Daily Planet is Discovery Channel’s daily science magazine show that explores the latest developments in science.

The Daily Planet featured associate professor Deborah King for her ice skating biomechanic and "smart" blade research.