Ithaca College Named to 'Healthiest Colleges' List

ITHACA, NY — A health and wellness website has included Ithaca College on its list of the nation’s top 25 healthiest colleges for its “exceptional commitment to student health, wellness and happiness.”

In putting together its ranking, looked for schools that go above and beyond to create an environment where students have access to an array of healthy food, top-notch fitness facilities and robust medical and mental health services.

The entry for Ithaca College noted the steps it has taken to entice students to stay active, including offering inexpensive personal training, having an impressive fitness center complete with a rock climbing wall and providing a multitude of trails around the perimeter of campus on which to explore the great outdoors.

Other institutions listed among the top 25 include UCLA, the University of Texas, Columbia and Stanford.

For more information, visit included Ithaca College on its list of nation's top 25 healthiest colleges.