Math Fun Day at IC

Math Fun Day—a program that includes math and music connections, computer art, and puzzles—will take place at Ithaca College on Saturday, April 6. Free and open to the public, Math Fun Day will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the third floor of Williams Hall.

“This is a program for elementary school–aged children as well as math lovers of all ages,” said Dani Novak, associate professor of mathematics and computer science and director of Math Fun Day. “The purpose of the event is to raise mathematical consciousness and show that mathematics does not have to be foreign, scary or boring. At its core, mathematics is part of our human experience, just like music and the visual arts.”

Math Fun Day activities will include creating mathematical art with computers, solving puzzles with computer programs, and lively interactions with Ithaca College students and volunteers.

“Math Fun Day is a way for participants to experience the beauty of mathematics and its connection to life, culture and nature,” Novak said. “We want to raise people’s mathematical consciousness and have fun doing it.”

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Math Fun Day