'Silent Sustainability' Will be Explored at Ithaca College Workshop

ITHACA, NY—Local educators interested in sustainability are invited to attend the annual Finger Lakes Project Workshop May 23–24 at Ithaca College, which this year will explore the notion of “silent sustainability” — the ways that sustainable behavior is invisibly embedded in the educational goals and operations at Ithaca College and in regional endeavors.

Workshop presenters will demonstrate how, more frequently and without being overtly labeled as such, sustainability education and behaviors are part of how we think, teach and do business. The program is aimed at college-level faculty, staff and students as well as local citizens who are interested in sustainability education, providing opportunities to discuss ideas, participate in hands-on activities and form connections with other teachers.

Presenters will include Steve Holzbaur, manager of the Finger Lakes Fresh Food Hub; Jan Rhodes Norman, founder of Silk Oak, cofounder of Local First Ithaca and member of the Greenstar Co-op Council; and Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences faculty members Jake Brenner, Jason Hamilton and Susan Swensen. Faculty recipients of mini-grants from the Committed-To-Change Program, underwritten by the HSBC in the Community Foundation, will also give reports.

The workshop will include tours of on-campus sustainability projects, including the permaculture garden, organic garden and aquaponics facility, as well as of the Finger Lakes Fresh greenhouse in Groton.

For more information, visit www.ithaca.edu/fingerlakes_project/flp_2013 or contact Susan Swensen at sswensen@ithaca.edu.

The Finger Lakes Project Workshop will be held at Ithaca College May 23-24