When Olivia Carpenter ‘22 gets to work on her fashion line, she’s thinking about something more than just the latest and greatest styles. 

“Painting on a canvas and painting on a shirt are different because you paint on a canvas  and you just put it up somewhere in a house, and only certain people see it," Olivia says about her socially-conscious clothing line. “But if I’m wearing the artwork,  then everyone I meet will see it, and they’ll tie me to this artwork.”

Olivia, who switched majors from journalism to business after discovering her passion, started working on her clothing line in her dorm room at IC. Her designs have a strong but subtle message of social commentary.  

“I call it Via Carpenter. That’s my Instagram name. People in the city who know me from my Instagram call me Via. It’s kinda cool. I basically channel my emotions through my art,” Olivia says. “I’ve started selling things already. I am growing, but I want it to speed up. I want to start really getting exposure.”

“I have a design coming out that is a rose that’s on fire. It says there’s beauty in chaos. You look at the state of everything in the world today and we are in chaos... earthquakes, tsunamis, politics, everything. Yet there is still a brighter future we can look for in the midst of all this uncertainty as long as we are willing to make a difference.” 

Olivia likes to show off her fashions to the world by wearing her own creations.  “I like being that image of power and confidence in what I wear and how I wear it, and what it says.”