As incoming first-year Ithaca College students, Rachel Yohe ’18 and Goldye Horan ’18 first met on Facebook and later found out they were going to be living on the same floor in Hilliard Hall. 

Their IRL friendship began during the freshman class picnic, when Rachel noticed Goldye from across the quad. “I yelled her name, and we have been friends ever since!” she says. 

Later that year, Rachel’s roommate took a semester off, and Goldye and her roommate weren’t getting along and were looking for other living arrangements. 

“We already lived on the same floor, so Goldye moved into my room,” says Rachel. The pair found their ideal roommate match in each other and remained friends and roommates for the rest of their time at IC.

“I met two Ithaca alums at Alumni Weekend, and they told me they had been roommates back in the ’80s and were still best friends today. You never know: any person you meet could become your best friend for life!”

Goldye Horan