As colleges adapt to remote instruction in response to COVID-19, IC journalism student Tara Lynch ’22 is making the most of any “down time” to hone her broadcasting, writing, and editing skills by creating two web series offering fresh, compelling content. 

In March, Tara launched College from Home, a Twitter/YouTube series exploring how students are coping with remote instruction. IC faculty, such as associate professor Chrissy Guest, have also shared tips for maximizing remote learning opportunities. 

“With extracurricular activities like ICTV being canceled, I felt it was important to continue working and learning on my own. With College from Home, I saw a need to hear student and faculty perspectives about remote learning, as this is a new adventure for all of us!”

Tara launched her second venture into digital journalism after being inspired by the positive feedback she received about College from Home. Her IGTV series, The Next Big Thing, is an entertainment/news crossover meant to serve as a short, digestible, and fun way for 18-to-25-year-olds to get their news.

“It has been great to have the support of the Park School, including the dean’s office and faculty who have mentored me during these new ventures,” Tara says. “I’m hoping to bring new voices to the forefront and provide fun outlets for people to understand alternative news during the pandemic.”