IC student–filmmaker Tyler Macri had the ultimate “Kodak moment” in 2017. The cinema and photography major won the gold award—the top prize—in the annual Kodak Student Scholarship program, sponsored by the legendary film company. 

In addition to a $5,000 scholarship, the award comes with $5,000 worth of film. That equates to 16,000 feet, almost enough to reach the top of the Empire State Building and good for over seven hours of filming. 

Tyler claimed the award for his creative short film, What Comes from a Swamp, which tells the story of a young man hiding a humanoid creature in his bedroom closet. He made the film for an advanced cinema production course in which students complete the audacious task of organizing a crew and completing a film in just one semester. 

For a devoted lover of film like Tyler, winning an award from the company that makes the motion picture film used by directors such as Paul Thomas Anderson and Kelly Reichardt is extra special. 

“I plan to shoot on film for a long time to come, and I think the people at Kodak are doing a really good job keeping that alive and making sure folks of my generation remember the magic of what it looks like and the irreplaceability of it."