About IC 20/20

IC 20/20: Ready for a Comprehensive Worldview

The world is constantly changing. Evolving landscapes in workplace and culture require minds that can adapt, grow, and create innovative solutions to complex and varied challenges. At Ithaca College, we’re making students ready to rise to the occasion. IC 20/20 is a progressive transformation of the undergraduate learning experience—a strategic plan that will prepare students to be visionary leaders, ready to take on whatever personal and professional challenges come their way. IC grads will be ready.

What’s in a name?

The IC 20/20 name represents more than just the initials for Ithaca College and the year by which the student experience will be transformed. It signifies the clarity of vision—“I see 20/20”—and the intense focus that is being brought to bear on the strategic plan for positioning the college as a leader among educational institutions.

How will the plan enhance the current IC experience?

IC 20/20 will holistically prepare our students from every angle. The plan will not only ensure our students have the academic knowledge to succeed, but it will also train them to use integrative thinking and to solve problems by considering multiple perspectives in a collaborative context.

Students will select an overarching, enduring theme to inspire their core curriculum rather than simply take courses that introduce them to various disciplines. Their education will be further enriched through residential life programming, extracurricular activities, global educational experiences, civic engagement, and mentorship and advisement, which in many cases will be focused around a chosen theme. IC 20/20 will ensure every facet of a student’s experience at Ithaca College is designed to prepare him or her to be successful in tomorrow’s reality: an integrative education for a complex, integrated world.

IC 20/20 will make the lessons learned in the classroom and beyond even more valuable and lasting. Enhanced mentoring and advising from expert faculty and staff will help students navigate their way to success in evolving global markets. Dynamic, hands-on modes of teaching and learning from day one will empower students to take a more active role in their education. An emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning will give students limitless opportunities to shape their academic path.

Our primary focus is, and always has been, on helping our students achieve success. With IC 20/20, we’re creating a progressive transformation of the undergraduate experience that will take the academic and professional success of our students to the next level. As members of the IC community, we commit to helping students not only to get ready for the future but also to create it.