The ICC Capstone Experience

One of your final ICC experiences as you near graduation is your ICC capstone, designed as an opportunity for you to synthesize your Ithaca College experience. This capstone (designated in the Ithaca College Catalog with a C next to the course title), is either a stand-alone course or a component of a capstone for your major program. As part of your ICC capstone, you’ll be required to complete a reflective artifact that addresses the question, “What has my learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum contributed to my education and how is that learning related to what I’ve learned in my major and through other learning experiences?” Upon completion of the ICC capstone requirement, you’ll be able to:

  1. Engage in and communicate self-reflection about your learning in the Integrative Core Curriculum, your chosen discipline, and your overall Ithaca College experience;
  2. Connect relevant experience and academic knowledge to deepen understanding of fields of study and broaden your own points of view; and
  3. Summarize your prior learning inside and outside of the classroom to reveal significantly changed perspectives about educational and life experiences