I'm a transfer student and met some of my ICC requirements before I got to IC. How do I complete my ICC electronic learning portfolio?

As a transfer student, you have a couple of different options for completing the individual requirements within your ICC electronic learning portfolio.

For courses you take at Ithaca College, as well as any other courses where you have copies of assignments that meet the student learning outcomes for the ICC requirement, you can simply upload a copy of the assignment and complete the accompanying form for each portfolio component.

For courses you took before coming to Ithaca, you can also create a narrative reflecting on how specific courses or other college experiences helped you achieve the student learning outcomes associated with those ICC requirements. You can upload your narrative in any of the TaskStream supported formats, including text and image, file attachment, video, or multimedia.

Completing all of the components of the ICC electronic learning portfolio, including those related to courses you completed before coming to IC, is important because the purpose of the portfolio is for you to integrate all of your college learning experiences, regardless of where they occurred.