Ithaca College News Vol 18, no 18

August 5, 1996

Scoones Named Acting Dean

William A. Scoones has been named to a two-year term as acting dean of the School of Business

New Minority Affairs Director

Keeon G. Gregory has been named director of the Ithaca College Office of Minority Affairs

Clinic Donates Book

Former client of the Sir Alexander Ewing-Ithaca College Speech and Hearing Clinic memorialized by a gift to the College library

Ithaca College Camps

For the fun of it -- Area young people can enjoy a variety of activities each summer at Ithaca College (Photos -- may be slow to load)

Summer Calendar of Events

The calendar of events in the Ithaca College News is current as of the date of publication. However, the Current Calendar maintained by the publications office is likely to be more up to date.

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