Ithaca College Sports Legends Enshrined

President Whalen and nine others are named to the College's Sports Hall of Fame.

James J. WhalenThe Ithaca College Sports Hall of Fame welcomed new members over Homecoming weekend, including President James J. Whalen. The inductions, which bring Hall of Fame membership to 152, were held September 21 in the Emerson Suites, Phillips Hall.

Also inducted were Joseph D'Orazio '36, Alberta Sebring '39, John O'Neill '42, Robert Wojnar '73, Dorsi Raynolds '85, Cathy Livingston Allen '88, Jannette Bonrouhi '90, Tracy Deyle '90, and Lauri Hancock '90.

"I feel really good about the individuals being inducted," Ithaca College athletic director and Hall of Fame committee chair Robert Deming said prior to the ceremony. "It's nice to see so many females getting the respect and the votes of the committee."

Deming said the president's induction is particularly satisfying because Ithaca College athletics aligned with NCAA Division III and grew to a nationally renowned, 23-sport program during his tenure. "There is no question that the program would not be as advanced as it is were it not for Jim Whalen's presence since 1975," said Deming. "Everyone wants an opportunity for success, and he has given this program that opportunity. He's been a major contributor on all points, and I just can't say enough about the positive impact he's had."

Whalen was a charter member of the NCAA Presidents Commission and served as chairman of the Division III subcommittee. He was a member of the Knight Foundation's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, and in 1992 he was named cochair of the NCAA Gender-Equity Task Force.

Athletes become eligible for the Ithaca College Sports Hall of Fame five years after graduating. Alumni who distinguish themselves in the field of athletics subsequent to their graduation and College coaches, trainers, and administrators are also considered.

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