Volume 20, number 1

Convocation Opens School Year

Peggy R. Williams welcomed the freshman class to campus -- and they in turn welcomed the freshman president.

Sending the Right Message

Ithaca College president Peggy R. Williams brings a record of ambition and achievement to South Hill.

Tom Baker Ends 19-Year Ithaca Career

The winningest coach in IC men's basketball history resigns to pursue other interests

1997-98 Concert Season a Family Affair

The year's concert series will feature artists that have special relationships; relationships that translate into some of the world's most beautiful music.


Driscoll Memorial Scheduled

A memorial concert for emeritus professor of music George King Driscoll will be held September 14.


 Moving-In Day

The campus springs back to life as students return to residence halls.



Calendar of Events

September 3 - 17