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Volume 23, No. 7       November 13, 2000


A periodic compilation of references to Ithaca College in the nation’s media.

Books aimed at the growing, and increasingly affluent, senior market are filling bookstore shelves around the country. Breaking the Watch, which will be available in October, takes a broader look at retirement by examining the lives of 26 people — 13 men and 13 women from various backgrounds and professions — in an upstate New York town. [Author Joel] Savishinsky, a professor of social sciences at Ithaca College, does an admirable job of interviewing his 26 retirees on a wide range of topics. Partly, he succeeds because he lets his subjects have their say.

New York Times, August 6, 2000

The Rivendell Interstate School District will open today despite considerable debate over a new curriculum. The academic program attempts to combine concepts from several different subjects to help students understand better. All of the top-performing nations in the Third International Mathematics and Science Study used integrated study programs, according to Eric Robinson, a secondary education expert at Ithaca College who reviewed Rivendell’s program, but U.S. schools scored poorly, he said. "Change is not easy. But the poor record of past decades indicated that our traditional approach to mathematics education in school was not working," Robinson said.

Manchester (New Hampshire) Union Leader, August 28, 2000

Information gleaned from the Internet is only as good as its source. That is why the library at Ithaca College in New York State provides, a set of listings to "promote research or support an academic curriculum." Despite its educational bias, non-students with active minds will find the list intriguing. The page is part of a broader site called ICYouSee, which provides an entertaining beginners’ guide to the web, regularly updated since 1994.

Maclean’s, Sept. 4, 2000

School was fine but work is better, says Serena Ng, a Business Times journalist and winner of this year’s Singapore Press Holdings Gold Medal for top journalism and publishing student at Nanyang Technological University. Ms. Ng, 23, was pleased, if a little surprised, at winning the medal, saying she spent a lot of time on extracurricular activities. She was a varsity softballer and chief editor of the campus newspaper for one semester, before leaving under an exchange program for a semester at premier liberal arts school Ithaca College in New York State.

Singapore Business Times, Sept. 5, 2000

Economists have tried to explain the phenomenon of tipping in various ways. Their attempts and the accumulated evidence are the subject of a paper by Michael Lynn of Cornell University and Michael McCall of Ithaca College (forthcoming in the Journal of Socio-Economics). The two professors used data and analysis from 13 studies of gratuities in restaurants (covering 2,547 dinner parties) to consider possible explanations for the motivation for tipping. Lynn and McCall do find that service quality explains the size of a tip (relative to the cost of the meal) but only slightly. About five per cent of the variation in tips could be statistically linked to how the customers perceived the quality of their waiters’ service.

Edmonton Sun, September 11, 2000



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