Ithaca College Quarterly

Winter 1996

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Setting Off Sparks

A College-sponsored program is turning youngsters on to science and Math.

By Dave Maley --- Photos by Art\Science Studio/Lab

Photo: Ithaca math professor Martin Sternstein plays the African counting game mancala with 7th grader Hiza Mbwana at the Saturday Academy for Science and Mathematics.

And for the People, Michael Battle

By J. Michael Serino

"Across racial, cultural, and economic lines, people generally want the same things. They want security; they want crime to go away. They want less confrontation between the suburbs and the city, because there's a feeling that the city is dying, and they're fleeing. And there are those of us who are hanging on and saying, 'No, that's not true.' "


Report from the Schools



  • Fall Sports Review
  • End of an Era
    Coach Kostrinsky to Retire
    By Pete Moore
  • The Refs
    Robert "Duke" Carroll '72 and Gene Monje '64
    By Bub Parker

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