Fond Memories of J. J.

I am happy to see that each day more alumni are taking advantage of all the IC Web site has to offer, including the new alumni e-mail directory and e-mail list server.

The site gives alumni the opportunity to keep up with what's happening on campus. And we can contact old friends and air opinions on many different issues via the list server. I joined the list because it is a great way to discuss issues related to IC and to network. If used properly it serves as a great tool to keep people informed and connected, especially since members can live anywhere in the world.

I think, based on the profile in the ICQ [fall 1997] and the positive changes already happening at the College, that Peggy Williams was an excellent choice as president, but by no means does that diminish all that James J. Whalen accomplished during his years at Ithaca. The reputation Ithaca has today is due to the hard work and love he has had for the College. I remember meeting him as a freshman in 1986 and then four years later talking to him on the day of my graduation in 1990. I was fortunate enough to meet him again when he came to Atlanta several years ago for a reception. How many of you recall meeting J. J. as a student or as an alumnus? J. J. was a "hands-on" college president, and that made my four years on campus, as well as subsequent years, special memories.

We as alumni have a responsibility to work with the administration to preserve and/or improve the level of education that current and future students receive at Ithaca for the College to survive and thrive in the years to come.

Leah F. Ackerson '90
Atlanta, Georgia

A Pat on ICQ's Back

I would like to add my voice in congratulating you on a fine publication. The articles in the fall issue of the Ithaca College Quarterly were great. It is a wonderful way to "stay in touch" with changes on campus, and I do like to read when friends and classmates have reached landmark events in their lives.

Thank you!

Neil Simons '85
Silver Spring, Maryland

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