Dressing to Impress the New Boss

With the help of clothing purveyors the Bon-Ton and Benjamin Peters, students in the Accounting Club and the Financial Management Association held their annual "Dress for Success" event in February. Six students modeled "interviewing garb," showing participants which styles can be worn to help promote their professional image as they interview for jobs and internship positions.

Learning the Rules -- of Etiquette!

The IC chapter of the American Marketing Association hosted an etiquette dinner in March in conjunction with the Office of Career Planning and Placement and Daka Food Services. About 65 College community members enjoyed a full-course dinner while learning about proper silverware usage, types of food to order, appropriate conversation topics, and professional skills for use during a lunch or dinner interview.

Dressing for success: Students model power garb.



Privacy Issues, Collapses, "At-Risk" Students . . .

Marketing instructor Mattie I. Bonavia presented a paper, "Personal Information Privacy Issues Relating to Consumption in the U.S. Marketplace," to the American Council for Consumer Interests in Washington, D.C., in late March.

Professor Donald W. Eckrich's direct marketing case, "Fitigues Catalogue: Diagnosing a Collapse," was accepted for publication in DePaul University's Direct Marketing Institute's case book, currently under development. Eckrich is a charter member of the institute's Case Writing Workshop. His latest case is being coauthored with assistant professor of television-radio James Karrh.

Eileen P. Kelly, associate professor of management, was appointed by the National Academy of Management to serve on its Professional Division Review and Innovation Awards Committee for 1997-1998. The committee is responsible for conducting five-year reviews of the divisions within the academy and giving annual innovation awards. Kelly also published a review of Jeremy and Tony Hope's book, Competing in the Third Wave, in the February 1998 issue of the Academy of Management Executive.

Associate professors Hormoz Movassaghi and Don Lifton recently returned from the 17th Annual Conference of the Freshman Year Experience, held at the University of South Carolina. Lifton presented an update of his longitudinal study in a paper, "Measuring Hardiness to Identify 'At-Risk' Students." The paper was well received; the long-term project continues.

Professor Fahri Unsal's Marketing Research students were involved in several community service projects during the fall semester. They conducted customer surveys for a number of local businesses, including the Pyramid Mall, Ithaca Commons, Tops Friendly Markets, Club Semesters, and Madeline Patisserie. They conducted several other projects on campus, including an assessment of College parking needs and restrictions and a survey of international students to learn more about their perceptions of Ithaca College.

Dana Professor of Finance Raquib Zaman presented a paper coauthored with Unsal, "Investment Development Path and Economic Development in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil," at the Allied Social Sciences conference in Chicago. Zaman also chaired a session at the conference.  

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