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Volume 18, Number 3
Summer 2000

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It is the policy of Ithaca College that discrimination on the grounds of age, color, mental or physical disability, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or Vietnam veteran status will not exist in any activity, area, or operation of the College.

The Mind-Body Connection
Professors introduce the campus to the Alexander technique.
The Mind-Body Connection
Making Brown Gold
IC opens a new compost facility — already a model for other institutions.
Making Brown Gold

Reunion 2000
You just can't beat a spring weekend with old friends in Ithaca. (Awards, too.)

Reunion 2000

Cover Story: Commencement
Henry Winkler, formerly "the Fonz," challenges the class of 2000 to grab the future.




    Alumni and Faculty Books

Report from the Schools

Sports Scene
    Super Season for Spring Sports
    "The Best Ever"

Class Notes — Highlights:
   Sara Mecomber Meeks '62, Bob Durocher '81, Elizabeth Porter '85, Todd Taskey '86

Last Look
  Classism is a Real Issue

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