Ithaca College Quarterly

Our Students Headline in Hollywood

Silent Movie Theatre"Ithaca College," announced the marquee of the Silent Movie Theatre in West Hollywood. More than 200 alumni, students, and friends attended the inaugural showing of "PreVues" --- the Park School’s student film and video showcase. The March event featured a juried selection of creative work recently completed by students enrolled in production courses.

Guests were treated to a diverse roster of 11 films and videos produced during the fall 1999 and spring 2000 semesters. Faculty nominated individual student work, which was then evaluated and programmed by assistant professors Mara Alper (television-radio), David Gatten (cinema and photography), and Rob Hahn (C&P); television operations manager Eloise Greene; and alumni Russ Harnden ’90, a trailer editor who is currently editing a feature film, and Scott Nairie ’79, a producer for Picture Mill, a computer graphics company that does graphic effects for titles, logos, and trailers.

These student films and videos ranged from stories of personal loss and alienation to encounters with fire, eccentric neighbors, fish-flinging hockey fans, and paper-folding undergraduates. The roster:

  • Cornell Hockey Fans by Charles Vanacore ’00; news video, 2 minutes
  • Damned If You Do by Steven Weigle ’01; narrative film, 6 minutes
  • Destierro (Exile) by Rodrigo Bellott ’01; experimental film, 7 minutes
  • De.Vice by Ariana Hamidi ’02; experimental film, 5 minutes
  • Dr. Jim by Alex Walton ’00 and Josh Kreitzman ’00; documentary video, 15 minutes
  • Don’t Fence Me In: The Safe Haven Story by Ryan Berryann ’01; documentary video, 13 minutes
  • The Gift by Peter Lynch ’00 and John Pavlus ’00; narrative film, 15 minutes
  • Paperboy by Terry Huynh ’01; documentary film, 6 minutes
  • Run by Alex Dragulescu ’01; animation video, 1 minute
  • Stroboscopic Projections by Ryan Geesaman ’01, Erica Hallock ’02, and Matt Smith ’02; experimental video, 6 minutes
  • Water Scorched What the Fire Had Scorned by Gwendolyn Kaminski ’00; experimental video, 9 minutes
  • Whetting the Scythe by Stephan Evanitsky ’02; narrative film, 7 minutes

Spotlighted behind an old-fashioned ribbon microphone, Dean Thomas W. Bohn, Hahn, and Los Angeles program director Stephen Tropiano ’84 welcomed the crowd to acknowledge the best efforts by our sophomore, junior, and senior production students. Alumni and guests caught up with friends and chatted with the film- and videomakers during the pre- and post-screening receptions. Alumni from the ’70s through the ’90s, as well as recent graduates, mingled in the starlit courtyard behind the theater. Professor emeritus Skip Landen greeted former students, while guests collected promotional material from both the College and the student media makers. PreVues was very well received by its audience, and the artists also seemed pleased. Senior Stephan Evanitsky, whose film Whetting the Scythe aired, was glad for the opportunity to make contact with working alumni, including cinematographer Sean Manton ’90, and to share the experience of a live audience. "It was nerve-wracking and fun," he said. His classmate Steven Weigle, whose Damned If You Do was shown, was glad to have an audience for his work outside of the Park School setting, but admitted he was nervous: "You don’t know how it’s going to be received until the first joke. Fortunately, they laughed in all the right spots." The program was made possible in large part by a gift of the late James B. Pendleton, who enjoyed a long-time friendship with Landen and with Ithaca College. The inaugural event was such a success that the faculty and students have decided to make PreVues an annual event for alumni and industry professionals in Hollywood and on campus. next