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LGBT Center Hires a Leader

MaurerThe education, understanding, and acceptance of diversity at Ithaca College received a boost when the College’s first coordinator of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender education, outreach, and services, Lisa Maurer, assumed her part-time position in October. The Center for LGBT Education, Outreach, and Services, located in the Hammond Health Center and answering to the Office of Multicultural Affairs, opened a month later. The center offers educational programs promoting awareness of and appreciation for LGBT issues and concerns, as well as support and counseling for students, faculty, and staff.

With nearly 20 years of sexuality education experience, Maurer says she is pleased to be offering students services that were lacking in her own education. "I am excited to make it different for Ithaca’s LGBT community and straight allies," she says.

Members of the College community are also excited about the center. "Lisa’s appointment is a crucial step toward creating a safer environment for all students on campus," says Jennifer Addonizio ’03, president of BiGAYLA, an organization committed to LGBT issues. "She brings a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the LGBT community and is herself an incredible resource. The opening of this center will ideally mean more programming targeted to minority students in order to promote acceptance and awareness on campus. It’s a big step for the College to recognize the large and intricately diverse LGBT population on campus and to make a commitment ensuring that the College is a friendly place for all people."

Thanks to the hours spent by 14 student volunteers and the materials donated by various members of the community, the center is already off to a promising start. "The response has been tremendous," reports Maurer, who adds that she hopes to eventually expand the service hours, resources, and "creative energy" of the center.

Photo: Ally Quemere, Courtesy of The Ithacan


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A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Publications, 5. Apr. 2002