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Alumni & Faculty Publications and Recordings

Marcia Ascher, Mathematics Elsewhere: An Exploration of Ideas across Cultures (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2002)

Are humans mathematical by nature? Professor of mathematics emerita Ascher asks this in her latest book. By presenting examples of mathematical ideas from a variety of cultures and traditions, Ascher attempts to humanize our view of math and expand our idea of what is mathematical.

Harvey Fireside, The "Mississippi Burning" Civil Rights Murder Conspiracy Trial (Berkeley Heights, N.J.: Enslow Publishers, 2002)

In 1964 the murder of three Congress of Racial Equality civil rights workers sparked a landmark case against members of the Ku Klux Klan. Professor emeritus of politics Fireside's ninth book, geared toward young adult readers, will help them understand this crucial event and its impact on the civil rights movement. It was nominated for the NAACP Image Award as an outstanding literary work -- children's category.

Sandra Gordon '92, Action! Establishing Your Career in Film and Television Production (New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishing, 2002)

Emmy Award-winner Gordon's book gives advice on building a career in entertainment, including how to write and where to send résumés, and then, once you land a job, how to keep it and how to advance. Anecdotes from her personal experiences in TV (Party of Five) and film (Rudy) help illustrate her points.

Eric Graf, The Management of Fate: An Introduction to Behavior-Economic Ecology, (Parkland, Fla.: Universal Publishers, July 2002)

This scholarly work, which Graf says was 45 years in the making and 8 in the writing, "explores the nature of evolving human existence and the criteria used in recognizing our world, a concept that emerged from the realization that the evolution of the modern human ecological condition is only comprehensible when we understand the dynamic that allows 'us' to become 'I.' " Graf is an IC professor emeritus of psychology.

Suzanne Johnson '83 and Elizabeth O'Connor, For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping Your Family Grow up Happy, Healthy, and Proud (New York: Guilford Publications, May 2001) and The Gay Baby Boom (New York: New York University Press, 2002)

In For Lesbian Parents, Johnson and O'Connor provide information and advice on the adjustments that any new parent has to make as well as the special questions and concerns that lesbian mothers face. The Gay Baby Boom draws from the findings of the authors' Gay and Lesbian Family Study. It provides new insight on the ways in which children are being raised within these family structures while debunking traditional assumptions. Johnson is an associate professor of psychology at Dowling College.

John Kennard '73, Concord, Massachusetts (Beverly, Mass.: Commonwealth Editions, 2002)

In 1907 Henry James called Concord "the biggest little place in America." This full-color collection of Kennard's photography makes it clear that not much has changed since then. Combining iconic images from Revolutionary America with everyday scenes from today, Kennard shares visions of tradition and community that are an integral part of this small town's identity.

Julio López-Arias and Debra A. Castillo, España: Lecturas interculturales (Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press, 2003)

In this textbook López-Arias, associate professor of modern languages and literatures, and Castillo present excerpts from contemporary news articles that ran in Spain's newspaper El País. The book will help students understand contemporary social issues in today's Spain while enhancing their comprehension of the Spanish language.

Gregory B. Rudgers '70, Northwest Adagio (Grand Mesa Music, 2002) and 200 B.C. (Manhattan Beach Music, 2002)

These compositions are meant for advanced high school or college and university concert bands and wind ensembles. Northwest Adagio was written during Rudgers's fellowship at Northwestern University and is dedicated to the school's longtime director of bands, John Paynter. 200 B.C. is a four-movement suite based on ancient Greek hymns and images from Homer's poem The Odyssey. Besides composing, Rudgers teaches music in Elmira, New York. The IC Wind Ensemble premiered his transcription of Diez Melodias Vascas this February.

Joe Taylor Jr. '94 with Melissa Robbins, Grow Your Band's Audience: Six Steps to Success for Independent Musicians (Miami: Spincycle Media, 2002)

Drawing on his experience as a radio and record producer, Taylor and research assistant Melissa Robbins give practical advice to musicians to guide them through expanding their audience, earning royalties, and even operating a record label. Currently the online content producer for noncommercial Philadelphia radio station WXPN, Taylor got his start as a producer for ICTV's Frequency.

Stephen Tropiano '84, The Prime Time Closet: A History of Gays and Lesbians on TV (New York: Applause Theatre Book Publishing, June 2002)

Gay-themed shows like NBC's Will and Grace and Showtime's Queer as Folk are now a TV mainstay. Tropiano's book focuses on how four genres -- medical shows, law-and-order dramas, made-for-TV movies, and situation comedies -- have been defining gays and lesbians since the 1950s. Tropiano has served as director of the IC communications program in Los Angeles since its founding in 1994 and wrote TV Towns: An Illustrated Guide (see ICQ 2000/4).


Gladys Varona-Lacey, Introducción a la literatura Hispano-Americana: de la conquista al siglo XX (Chicago: National Textbook Company, 1997)

This collection of short stories, plays, poetry, essays, diaries, letters, and book chapters gives a comprehensive introduction to the Spanish-language masterpieces of Latin American literature. From Columbus's Diario, which describes the first encounter between Spain and the New World, to writings of the "post boom," the works highlight people, places, and events that helped define the people of the Americas and their literary culture.



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