ICQ 2003/1The Campus Master Plan

The New Face of IC


Taking the College to the next step in its drive to become a top-tier institution, the Campus Master Plan outlines physical development of the campus -- starting with new buildings right away and looking forward 10 years.

by Anne Ryan

As President Peggy R. Williams reported in our last issue ("Five Years On," 2002/4 issue), Ithaca College has made extraordinary strides in recent years. The College is attracting a greater number of academically gifted students and top-quality faculty members, expanding its programs, and working to increase diversity. Its students and faculty are producing work that ranks in the top tier of their disciplines. Students here, like around the country, are more physically active, more interested in sports and in health and fitness. They are engaged with new technologies in their academic and personal lives. "In short, we are striving to become a truly first-rate school," says Williams. "To be a top-level institution, our facilities need to be the best, just as our people are the best."

The campus has undergone tremendous change in the last decade or so, with Roy H. Park Hall, the James J. Whalen Center for Music, the Center for Health Sciences, Williams Hall, the Center for Natural Sciences, the Fitness Center, and other buildings having been added in the last 15 years. But more facilities upgrades and additions are needed to keep the College competitive and, indeed, where it wants to be -- at the very forefront of higher education.

"We're making an already fine College even better." That's how President Williams characterizes the College's initiatives for the physical development of the campus. A plan for such development grew out of the institutional plan, which itself resulted from two years of careful and thorough study by representatives from all segments of the campus community. Among the issues that emerged from the institutional study was the realization that much work had to be done to upgrade, renovate, and modernize the campus infrastructure -- making it fully capable of supporting the first-class school IC is fast becoming. Next

Photo by Charles Harrington

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A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Publications, 25 April, 2003