Alumnus Medic in Iraq

With all of the emphasis on the war in Iraq I thought you might be interested in fitting an alumnus's face and name into the broader picture. My son, Lieutenant Commander Richard H. Jadick '87, USN, who was raised near Albany, New York, was first commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and attained the rank of captain. When given the opportunity to go to medical school on a naval scholarship, he attended and graduated from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

As a physician he has spent almost all of his time providing medical service for marine infantry units at Camp Lejeune Marine Base in North Carolina. Since World War II, marines have been known as "devil dogs," and they affectionately refer to their physicians as "devil docs." As I write, Richard is deployed in the Middle East aboard the helicopter carrier Iwo Jima. He is the ranking medical officer of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is made up of 2,200 battle-ready amphibious assault troops. When they go into action, the medical support team is right with them.

While he is away his wife of two years, Melissa Hemlock Jadick '94, practices pediatrics in Jacksonville, North Carolina. She joins many spouses holding down the home front just outside the gates of Camp Lejeune and makes a serious contribution to both the military and civilian community.

Hopefully this picture will help put a face, one of many faces, on the war. It should help us to appreciate the sacrifice that is being made on behalf of our way of life, and our freedoms. I'd like the Ithaca faculty and alumni to know that they have contributed, by way of education and environment, to a career path that serves our country. Regardless of what our politics or feelings are about the war, we should respect those who have committed themselves to our service.

Richard V. Jadick
Sneads Ferry, North Carolina

IC Faculty: Leftist Bias?

I must express how ashamed I am of Ithaca College after reading an article in the April 17 issue of the Ithacan regarding the absence of political diversity within the faculty. I am not surprised, however, after reading the Quarterly's one-sided coverage of controversial issues. The left-leaning bias is so pronounced that I have been tempted to request you discontinue sending it to me. Please do not pretend to promote diversity while it's obviously your design to keep your liberal club exclusive of diverse thinking and, therefore, teaching. I would like to read in some future issue that you are embarking on a program of affirmative action to remedy this imbalance. I won't hold my breath.

Tim Fischer '81
West Bloomfield, Michigan

Send in Your Class Notes!

I'm older now. The class of '72 listings have slipped far to the back of "Class Notes," where once I remembered all those "old" alums could be found. Now it's where my name might be found (if ever I were to send the ICQ a note or two). I do not. Sometimes there's barely a sentence in the listing with a name I remember. We have gone about the appointed rounds of our lives, this class . . . and what was once vitally important --- this College, this place --- is only a distant home for memories.

I remain grateful that the ICQ continues to connect me with Ithaca, and I eagerly await each installment. It matters little that there's not a great deal of news listed under the class of '72. What remains most important, I suppose, is that we haven't yet dropped off the pages completely.

Still, though, I'd like to encourage our "Hot Flashes," "Gamma Delts," "AERho," and "PhiEK" friends to fill up that column. Send some news about where life has taken you. Brag. Document. Check in. I guarantee I'll be reading what you write --- and I won't be alone.

Rick Sands '72
Binghamton, New York

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