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ICQ 2003/2, cover
Cover photograph by Roger Hawkins
Hollywood Success Story
The communications program in Los Angeles is a smash hit by any measure.

COVER STORY   The Healers
Meet four alumni and one professor who practice alternative health care.
Good Sports
A phenomenal number of IC grads now work at the leading sports cable channel, ESPN.
President's Corner
Report from the Schools 
Business - Communications - HSHP - H&S - Interdisciplinary Studies - Music
Class Notes Highlights
Alumni put on a tribute to Walter Beeler '28
Michael Slepian '71 down under
Peter Steinhaus '78 and the Columbia disaster
Bruce Kaskey '85
Ira Levy '85
Hans Theisen '89
Kerry Butler '92
Bryan Horch '92
Joe Calarco '92
Volume 21, Number 2 -- Spring 2003
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A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Publications, 30 July, 2003