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A Winning Team

Rob Bluey '01 and Melissa Bloomrose Bluey '00 met at the Ithacan and have been partners ever since.

by Maura Stephens

Rob and Missy during their IC student days

In 1997, as a freshman, Rob Bluey was already working for the Ithacan as a reporter and on the layout staff. Bright and dedicated, he was on an upward career path, becoming well known for his efficiency. Manager of student publications Michael Serino recalls, "Rob Bluey made an impression from the first day he came through the door. He was one of those rare people -- his ambition and seriousness about journalism made it very clear that he wanted to be editor of the paper one day."

Sophomore Melissa "Missy" Bloomrose was an up-and-coming member of the layout staff as well, but on an opposite schedule to Rob's. "I'd come in, and the work would already be done," she remembers. "We never worked at the same time, so I didn't meet him right away." Even though Rob seemed to have all the work done before she could get to it, Missy was no slouch. Says Serino, "Missy was one of our most talented designers. She helped evolve the overall look of the paper."

By the end of that fall semester Missy was assistant layout editor and Rob was assistant news editor, and they'd had chances to interact. "I kind of liked him," says Missy. In late January Rob took another woman to a dance, which Missy attended with some girlfriends. "We ended up dancing together," says Rob. "Our first date was that Valentine's Day."

They dated all through college. "It was interesting, because we worked together the whole time," says Missy. "For a portion of that time he was actually my boss." The two agree that they have always worked well together. "We have very similar personalities and deal with problems the same way," explains Missy. "In public I worked for Rob, but in private he said we were a team." They would talk in private if there was a reason to disagree, but, Rob says, "We were always able to work it out in a way that we both felt good about."

Besides, the talents they brought to the Ithacan were very complementary. "I was more interested in design and staff management," says Missy, "and he was more interested in editorial content." Rob, says Serino, is a "really good journalist, with absolute integrity, a real conviction that journalism plays a central role in a democracy, and an energetic approach to carrying out that conviction." And Missy "made a point of learning something new every week -- some new software or design technique."

Their work relationship was as successful as their personal relationship. "They worked very harmoniously together," says Serino. "As a result, the year he was editor and she was managing editor was one of the best years the Ithacan has ever seen."

Missy graduated the year before Rob and went to the Washington, D.C., area to find work; he joined her a year later. She's now the art director at Woman's Outlook magazine, a publication of the National Rifle Association that caters to its female members. Rob is a writer with Cybercast News Service, a conservative journalistic enterprise, producing stories on such issues as the split in the Illinois Republican Party, the fight over same-sex marriage as it's being played out in Massachusetts schools, and the battle between the National Education Association and education secretary Rod Paige.

At their 2003 wedding

Last August 2, the couple that first met while working at the Ithacan were married in a storybook wedding that Missy says she couldn't have improved one iota: "It was everything I'd ever dreamt my wedding would be. The ceremony was meaningful and romantic, the reception was wonderful, and we had a great time."

They're living just outside Washington and love the energy of the capital city. "It's a young, fun city," says Missy. "I don't know if we'll stay here forever, but for now we like to hang out with our friends and go to movies and dinner." They enjoy playing tennis and biking on the numerous trails in the area.

"D.C. has so much culture -- so many museums," says Missy. Like people everywhere, she adds, "we don't go to many unless there are people in town and we want to show [the city] off." Among the people who live nearby and visit often are her brother, Michael Bloomrose '02, and Melissa Thornley '02. Both are former Ithacan colleagues whose own romance blossomed in 267 Park Hall at the same time Rob and Missy were getting serious. "Michael and Melissa are getting married in June," says Melissa Bloomrose Bluey. "Then she'll be Melissa Bloomrose." Nice to keep the name -- and the shared Ithacan history -- in the family. 


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