ICQ 2003/4



Engaging Democracy Further

Two advocates of civic responsibility, environmentalist and educator David Orr and media critic Danny Schechter, continued the College's yearlong lecture series designed to engage students, faculty, and staff in discussions of democracy and its meaning in our society.

David Orr spoke on "Ecology and Politics: The Election of 2004." Currently professor and director of the environmental studies program at Oberlin College, Orr has received national recognition for his work in environmental education. In addition to nearly 100 articles on environmental responsibility, he has written three books: Earth in Mind, Ecological Literacy, and The Nature of Design.

Emmy Award-winning television producer and independent filmmaker Danny Schechter spoke on "Weapons of Mass Deception: Are the Media Covering the World or Covering it Up?" After critiquing mainstream media coverage of the war in Iraq and the effects of this news on political discourse, Schechter previewed an unfinished documentary film on the coverage. Schechter has produced and directed many television specials and films, including A Hero for All: Nelson Mandela's Farewell and Countdown to Freedom: Ten Days that Changed South Africa. Schechter worked for ABC News and MTV before founding MediaChannel.org, one of the world's largest online media issues networks, of which he is executive editor.

Engaging Democracy and Troubling the Water continues throughout the spring semester. Speakers include Taylor Branch, Martha Nussbaum, Nisma Zaman '92, Robert McChesney, and Jairam Reddy.


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