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Thanking U.S. Military Veterans


Celebrating Veterans Day: U.S. Army veteran Douglas Armstrong, retired Spanish professor; U.S. Army veteran Willard Daetsch, retired German professor; U.S. Army and U.S. Naval Reserve Security Group veteran Charles Tilton, physics department; Irene Scott ’03, information technology; U.S. Army veteran Patrick Kelley, physical plant; Angela Rogers ’02, graduate studies; U.S. Marines veteran Louis Withiam, retired campus safety; Patricia Phelps, music; Kirk Swenson ’96, institutional advancement; Holly Covert, physical plant; and U.S. Army veteran Edgar “Dusty” Bredbrenner ’50, former trustee and alumni board member

On November 11 the campus held its first-ever Veterans Day celebration, which featured the presentation of two historic flags and personal testimonials by IC veterans. That evening the Ithaca College Concert and Symphonic Bands and the men's chorus Ithacapella gave a musical salute to veterans. Henry Neubert, conductor of the symphonic band, and Mark Fonder, conductor of the concert band, were joined by guest conductor Thomas Duffy, who led two of his own compositions. The program paid tribute to those who have served their country in the military. Said Fonder, "Listeners who are expecting a one-dimensional, flag-waving, patriotic salute might be surprised to hear some music that examines war in a more reverent, less jingoistic sensibility. . . . [We hope] that the music performed gives pause to considering war and its participants from all perspectives."

The College intends to make this an annual tradition and invites inquiries from alumni as well as current and retired faculty and staff veterans. Staff member Patricia Phelps is cochairing the committee for veterans events. "We want to try to get an on-going list of veterans' names and addresses for our future program listings," says Phelps. "Eventually we want to find a place to put the citation flags we were given for this ceremony, and perhaps be able to list IC alumni, faculty, and staff who are vets in an appropriate and highly visible place on campus. We feel the Ithaca community's veterans deserve this sort of recognition."

Please contact Patricia Phelps, School of Music, Ithaca College, 3322 Whalen Center, Ithaca NY 14850; veterans committee@ithaca.edu; or 607-274-3370 if you want to become involved or add your name to the list of community veterans.


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A. Ozolins, Ithaca College Office of Publications, 30 April, 2004