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FBI Profiler McCrary Speaks

McCrary with Bob Holt and Peggy Williams
McCrary with campus safety director and former FBI colleague Bob Holt and President Williams.

Gregg McCrary '67 majored in music at IC. But his career path took him in a very different direction.

In 1969 McCrary began working with the FBI as a special agent. He analyzed crimes and crime scenes, constructed behavioral profiles of at-large offenders, and drew up assessments of potential danger from repeat criminals. He provided expert witness testimony in many homicide and rape trials in North America and Europe and has testified before New York and Massachusetts state senate committees on sexual violence. Over the course of his career McCrary has consulted on thousands of cases around the world and in the United States, including such high-profile trials as the Scarborough rapist and Green River killers.

McCrary's work in violent crime has been highlighted in several publications and television documentaries. He authored the 2003 book The Unknown Darkness: Profiling the Predators among Us (see "Turn & Spin), which gave him the title for the speech he gave on campus in March. "Real life crime investigation," he said, "is not like Silence of the Lambs. It is both more mundane and more horrible." To illustrate, he shared details of chilling crimes he's investigated, including some of the most frightening manhunts in recent U.S. history. He also spoke of some of the more humdrum methodology used in such searches -- showing how profiling fits into the FBI's multifaceted crime-solving programs. Since retiring from the FBI in 1995 as director of its Behavioral Science Unit, McCrary has continued to provide expert testimony in civil and criminal litigation and frequently appears on such television shows as Larry King Live. McCrary is currently an adjunct professor of forensic psychology at Nova Southeastern University and at Marymount University. He hasn't completely given up on his IC major: he uses music to unwind.

Photo by John Clisham '02

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