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Physics Contest Winners!

Thanks to all who entered our contest to identify the physics-related words and phrases incorporated in "Science Dynamos," the story about the physics faculty (2004/3, page 26). The winners were

  • Mike Herbert, father of Karen Herbert '05
  • Gail McDonogh Capehart '73
  • Adam Karnish '07
  • Margaret Colburn '74
  • Nancy Roeper '75

Each chose from a selection of IC T-shirts. Congratulations!

The words and phrases (in the order in which they appeared): infuse, reflects, influx, exudes, energy, spectrum, dynamic, events, attract, matters, absorb(ed), composition, change, direction, fusing, driving force, test(ed), transform(ation), fuel, component, momentum, resonates, charge, current, weight, wavelength, stellar, foundation, rock-solid, beams, field

Thanking the '90s Band Milc

My brother, Brad Cleminson '88, was a business student who loved Ithaca and his time at the College. He made great friends whom he kept in touch with for years. Unfortunately, Brad died in a horrible car crash in May of 1992. He was only 27.

My brother had some friends whose names I do not know, but they played in a college band called Milc. Of all Brad's memorabilia, the most important is a collection of tapes of the band. My brother must have been the recording guy for Milc while they played in the local bars and clubs. I listen to them all the time because throughout the entire tape I can hear my brother's voice, and it is evident that he is having a great time!

I have spent years trying to figure out how to write a letter to those band members to thank them for the only thing that I own that allows me to hear Brad's voice and remember what a vital role Ithaca College played in his life. He was his happiest at Ithaca and had wonderful friends that I am sure he would still be in touch with today.

To the men and women who were part of this band, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is truly the only thing that I have left that reminds me of how happy my brother was.

Barrie Cleminson Holt
Wintergreen, Virginia

"Gay Lifestyle" Destructive

I was disappointed in the ICQ's article "Breaking Tradition" in the 2004/1 coverage of alumni couples and surprised that a perspective from the Christian community of alumni was not offered. I feel compelled to provide a voice for those who see a gay lifestyle as harmful to society.

The creator of heaven, earth, and mankind speaks in Leviticus 8:22 ("Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; that is detestable"). He speaks again in Romans 1:27 ("In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men and received in themselves the due penalty for their pervasio [sic]").

God has made his position clear concerning the gay lifestyle and encourages all to stay clear of immorality. Once immorality is permitted to manifest itself within society, it spreads like cancer. History is littered with examples of people abandoning God's truths and allowing immorality to flourish, then having to endure the painful consequences. The Roman Empire was victim to the rise of immorality and corruption, leading directly to its demise. Our own Christian nation's heritage is stained with the immorality of the slave trade. Even more recently Nazi Germany stands as a beacon, reminding us of the potential destruction that can come from allowing immorality to grow out of control.

Many groups are involved in destructive, immoral life styles. Outside intervention is often required if there is going to be any hope for recovery. Drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, pedophilia, rape, pornography, domestic violence, and homosexuality manifest themselves in different ways, but each form of immorality eats away at the core of society: the family. It is not our purpose to judge man for what he does -- that is the role of God alone -- but it is our responsibility as leaders to recognize when someone is pointed in the wrong direction so we can help them get turned around.

I would like to see Ithaca College lead the charge and put its full resources behind offering healing, hope, and assistance for anyone trapped in a destructive lifestyle. We must stand toe to toe with the immoral behaviors we come into contact with and offer our assistance once immoral activity is set aside. We have a responsibility to protect the IC family past, present, and future. Jesus said, "The truth will set us free." Each of us is called to embrace truth or walk away from it.

Steve Weaver '82
Lexington, North Carolina

[Editor's note: This will be the last letter we publish in response to the 2004/1 issue. See Last Looks for one Christian clergy member's perspective.]

Sustainability and IC

I read the last issue of the ICQ from cover to cover with delight. It was a wonderful issue.

In the story "Our Visionary College," I agree with what you wrote, but I also find the words of Carl Sgrecci '69 very appropriate, particularly for those of us who remember the College from its earlier days (mine being 1941 to '45 and then the early '60s). Carl said, "If sustainability overshadows the historical tradition of Ithaca College as a comprehensive mix of the professional programs with the liberal arts, our potential students and their families could become confused, and it could affect interest in us and ultimately our enrollment." And then in the story you wrote, "But if the communication is handled right, the effect could instead be very positive."

I agree with both statements. I have known Carl for many years, and I believe that he has the correct idea in terms of the College. It is a fine institution, and we must look forward to the future and how best to improve it, at the same time not forgetting where it came from.

I lived in Ithaca from 1925 until 1980 and have seen and participated in the growth of the schools in and around the city. Having visited the College on my 50th anniversary and then again two years ago, I was amazed and pleased with the changes that had been made. Enjoy Ithaca College. It is a wonderful place!

Barbara Rumsey Lanning '45, M.S. '61
Venice, Florida

Physics Dynamos

As the wife of a former IC physics professor [Editor's note: the late Peter Seligmann], I read with interest the article on the department. There is no question that everything the department is now doing is very exciting and most beneficial to the students. But it should have been noted that without the foundations laid by the "old members," the department's strength, breadth, and love of teaching would not exist. The list of accomplishments by the older members is huge!

New is good, but credit should be given to the old.

Carol Seligmann

ICQ's New Look

I want to congratulate your team on the redesign of the ICQ.

As a nationally recognized publisher of award-winning news letters and publications, I wanted to be sure to chime in with my positive feedback. However, I take exception to the small size of some of the text, especially your own column, which appears to be set in eight-point type. I don't know of any publishing standards that would find this size acceptable for editorial content.

Good luck with future issues!

Neil Littauer '69
Miami, Florida

[Editor's note: We agree -- that letter was in way-too-small type, especially for those of us with more mature eyes. We had no choice; we'd received so many letters to the editor that we wanted to fit in as many as we could, so my words were shrunk to fit. I hope that you were able to read them, even if you had to use a magnifying glass! We will do our best never to run such tiny type again.]

Space Crunch: What Do You Think?

We're in a bit of a pickle, although it's a pretty pleasant pickle in which to find ourselves. We're running out of room! We'd like your input in deciding how to deal with this problem.

Here's the background: We have only 48 pages, four times a year, in which to share as much news of this great College, its students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends, as we can manage to fit in. But the "Alumni Notes" section, with its news of weddings, births, deaths, career changes, honors, awards, avocations, and family info, is growing as our alumni base is growing. There seems to be more interest in the magazine and its stories, so our "Mailbox" section has grown. And there's more news coming out of South Hill and IC's affiliated programs than ever before.

Basically, over the last seven years our available space for news and features has shrunk by three to five pages. Coincidentally, the "Couplings" (formerly "Weddings") section generally runs three to five pages. Many people have suggested that we eliminate this section, especially as it's now simple, free, and popular to post wedding and commitment ceremony photos on the Web via the "Ithaca Alumni Online Community." What do you think? Would you really miss having the wedding photos in each print edition? Would you rather have (1) more news, features, and pro files, or (2) wedding photos in the ICQ?

Visit our website and let us know what you think: Space Crunch Poll

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